One of the most common complaints that theme parks have to handle are rude personnel. Guests oftentimes will say that an employee treated them in a rude manner and will demand the situation is handled a particular way. That puts the team that handles these types of complaints in a difficult situation. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Complaints Prevention Team knows that rudeness from employees should never be tolerated. The one factor that should be taken into consideration is that a guest’s perception of rudeness from an employee may not have been intended that way.

Guests at theme parks are often stressed from long days and being tired of standing in lines. Therefore, it might be easy to misunderstand anything an employee says as being rude. Even if the guest is incorrect about an employee being rude, the way the complaint is handled is extremely vital.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Complaints Prevention Team notes that the first step to handling the issue is to apologize to the guest. Regardless if an individual is correct or incorrect, the very thought of being treated rudely must be addressed. The least that should be done is to issue an apology. From there, information should be obtained and recorded regarding the incident. Knowing who the actual employee is will help as well. If not, more information to identify the person will most likely be needed.

Once all of the facts are recorded, guests should be thanks for providing the information. Sometimes having the specific employee apologize in person can also help the situation. As a result, the employee can be instructed on ways to treat guests to avoid any such reoccurrence.

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