When you are far from home and need to get around, it is likely that you will try to get a taxi since they tend to be more convenient than public transportation. However, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Complaints Management knows that sometimes there can be cause for complaints when you ride in a taxi if drivers are not doing their job correctly, so here are some common taxi problems that you should watch out for them next time you travel.

  • Incorrect rate: Taxis have different rates for peak times and slower times, or for different travel areas, and sometimes Taxi drivers will switch to the wrong rate when they get a customer, so that the rider will end up paying the wrong rate.
  • Taking a different route: If you find that your driver is taking a very long route to somewhere that you thought was very close, he may be doing so to rack up your bill.
  • Messing with the meter: The driver may refuse to return the meter to zero when you get in the car or they may tell you the meter is broken and come up with your price on their own, and in doing so, they overcharge you.

To avoid these problems, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Complaints Management advises that you do research ahead of time on where you are going and how long it should take you to get there, pay in advance when you can or discuss the total cost with your driver before you decide to drive with him, and when all else fails, make